Stop Wasting Money on

Pay Per Click Ads

Most agencies focus on clicks, we only care
about one metric: Your ROI

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Stop Wasting Money on

Pay Per Click Ads

Most agencies focus on clicks, we only care about one metric: Your ROI

Understand Why

Stop focusing on the wrong metrics. Know your numbers.

We project your potential ROI!

There’s no guesswork here! We show you exactly how to attack untapped revenue opportunities and project your ROI potential.

Most businesses who choose to run PPC ads do not do their due diligence. They often have no idea who they are competing against, fail to manage cost appropriately and focus on the wrong metrics.

If you can’t map out your ads funnel, you simply have no idea where your money is going.

  • Do you know how to measure your ROAS?
  • Are you using the right bidding strategy?
  • Are you properly measuring conversions?
  • Are you retargeting lost traffic? 

Each advertising network  is a complex platform to master on its own. Most businesses simply lack the internal expertise to navigate these tools and stay on top of current trends and practices. This all too often leads to wasted money and poor performance.

Pay Per Click Agency in Kansas City

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Increase your ROAS with Google Ads

+608% ROAS in 6 months

Helping an e-Commerce platform reduce their customer acquisition cost.

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Our Hands-on Approach

Initial Audit

We perform an initial audit to structure the account and come up with a solid plan of action.

Weekly Monitoring

We review the performance of the account and make necessary tweaks on a weekly basis.

Ongoing Testing

We continually test new ads, monitor keyword and ad performance, search terms and competitors.

Quarterly Audits

We do a deep audit every 3 months to make sure we’re on track YOY and look for new opportunities.

What’s Included

Conversion Tracking With GA4

Full Account Setup

Funnel Design & Implementation

Daily Performance Monitoring

Ad Copy Creation

Image & Video Ad Creation

Landing Page Design

Weekly Bid Adjustments

Monthly Reports

Monthly Consulting

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Frequently Asked Questions

Which PPC ad platforms do you manage?

We manage Google (search, shopping, local, display, YouTube), Bing, Meta (Facebook and Instagram) and LinkedIn ads. These are the best and most used platforms for B2B and B2C with the highest ROI. We do not exclude using other platforms (TikTok, Twitter, Reddit)  when it makes sense.

What budget should I start with?

There are many ways to determine what budget you should start with but there are too many variables (industry, market, competition, state of your business) to give a generic answer.

If you do not know where to start, we always suggest focusing on the “low hanging fruit”. A simple search campaign focusing on money keywords with a conversion optimized landing page.

A higher budget will allow you to diversify your strategy and leverage multiple platforms at the same time to do remarketing and add multiple touchpoints.

What is the average cost per sale? What is average annual revenue per customer? What is the average return rate? What are your margins? These questions should always come up before determining the right budget. Don’t focus on the cost per click, focus on the ROI!

Why are my ads not working?

Can you map out your ad funnel? Most business can’t, because they don’t have one.

Poor audience targeting, wrong bidding strategies, irrelevant search terms, broken conversion tracking, and last but not least, trusting the platform’s most pushed features are all some of the most common mistakes we see.

Why should I outsource my PPC campaigns?

Few businesses have the internal expertise and resources to know these complex ad platforms inside and out while staying on top of new features and best practices. A simple omission of a setting or option can lose hundreds or thousands of dollars…We see it all the time!

Moreover, our consulting expertise allows you to broaden your strategy and explore new opportunities you would not even be aware of.

Can you guarantee results?

While we can’t guarantee specific results (if anyone says otherwise, run away!), we guarantee VALUE! Our expertise will move things forward in a big way and help you get as much profit as possible from your online advertising strategy.

Results are achieved by careful planning and precise execution, as well as on-going testing and optimizing. The more data, the more insights, the better the decision making.

Where do I start?

If you’re ready to get started, fill out our PPC questionnaire and book a discovery call.