Maximize Your ROI With

Automated Email Sequences

Email still remains the #1 last-touch attribution for B2B and B2C.
It’s time to use it the right way!

Email Marketing Is Not Dead

Your Strategy Stinks

Are you doing email marketing or spamming?!

Build, Automate, Segment and Engage!

When it comes to emails, less is more! Having a small viable audience is much more valuable than spamming a bloated email list with low deliverability rates.

👉 How you acquire emails is key.
👉 How you keep them engaged is paramount!


Underutilized, and Undervalued

Email marketing can’t be a winning tactic unless it’s blended into a cross-channel digital marketing strategy.

Did You Know?

For every $1 spent on email marketing, the average return on investment is $42.

Work With Us

Define Your
Target Segments

We build audience segments based on demographics, interests, or other relevant criteria.

Develop an
Opt-In Strategy

We develop an opt-in strategy that will encourage people to willingly subscribe to your email list.

Build Automated Sequences

We build automated sequences to nurture the audience and move them through the funnel.

Engage, Measure
and Optimize

We make adjustments to your messaging, targeting, and automation based on what works.

Rethink Your Email Strategy

Our Winning
Email Formula

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Rethink Your Email Strategy

Our Winning
Email Formula


Purchase History & Interest Segments

Cart Abandonment Sequences

Interest Based Sequences

Seasonal and Event-based Promotions

B2B & SaaS

Pain Point Based Segments

Content Distribution Strategy

Mid and Bottom Funnel Support

Marketing & Sales Alignment

Service Businesses

Personalized Drip Sequences

Upselling & Cross-Selling Offers

Support and Education Sequences

Referral Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of businesses benefit most from email marketing?

Email marketing can benefit businesses of all sizes and types, but it is particularly effective for those that have a direct relationship with their customers, such as B2C and service-based businesses. E-commerce businesses, online retailers, and businesses with a subscription-based model can also benefit greatly from email marketing.

Marketing emails need to blend into a digital marketing ecosystem in order to help push people down funnel and strengthen the relationship with existing customers.

Our emails never lead to anything...what gives?

Our best guess is that you are spamming, selling or a combination of both. Do you have a list of 20,000+ contacts and aren’t entirely sure how you acquired them to begin with? Did you buy lists to speed things up? Are you constantly talking about yourself, your company and how people should buy from you or work with you?

Emails should have a defined strategy and fit within your entire ecosystem. Ditch your old list and start building an audience that WANTS to hear from you.

Last, but not least: Consistency! We’re here to keep you on track and do the heavy lifting.

How can you build my email list and grow my audience?

We craft tailored opt-in strategies based on your business model, your target audience and our deep knowledge and expertise of best digital marketing practices. The basic principle of building an audience is to provide VALUE. Put out something that people want to hear about.

The goal is not to sell them anything, but to attract them into your ecosystem.

How do you comply with email marketing regulations?

As marketers, we are on top of regulations and make sure you remain compliant. We obtain explicit consent from subscribers and provide a clear opt-out option in all emails. We are familiar with local and international email marketing regulations, such as the CAN-SPAM Act in the US and the GDPR in the EU.

For higher-stake businesses and campaigns, we can refer you to our cyber security vendor to help you draft rock solid privacy policies and insure your business against data breaches.